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44th Annual Fly Fishing 

Spring Seminar

Ready to wade into fly fishing? 

The 44th Annual Fly Fishing Spring Seminarsponsored by the Alaska Fly Fishers, is a four-part series that will meet from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at the BP Energy Center*. 

Session 1: Introduction to the Basic Gear of Fly Fishing & Leaders & Knots, on Monday, April 14th, is an introduction to the basic gear of fly fishing and leaders & knots. Get hands-on practice with AFF members! 

Session 2: Fly Tying Clinic Basic Fly Patterns & Knots II, on Monday, April 23rd, will cover basic fly patterns with more on knots. AFF members will be on hand tying favorite patterns!

Session 3: Fly Fishing Opportunities in South-central, on Monday, April 30th, will highlight fly fishing opportunities in South-central Alaska. You'll hear from members of AFF; local fly shop owners; as well as from area fisheries biologists from ADF&G.

Session 4: Casting a Fly Rod: Demonstration and Hands-on Casting, on Monday May 16th, will culminate with a casting worksop! You'll participate in demonstrations and an outside hands-on workshop! (*Note that this session's location is TBA.)

A one year trial membership in AFF is included with the Seminar. You'll receive our newsletter for 12 months. Unsubscribe is available.

Seminar costs are as follows:

$20.00 AFF Club Members

$45.00 General Public - Individual

$50.00 General Public - Family

$15.00 Individual Sessions 

Senior Citizens and children under 16 with an adult attendee - No Charge

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